Car Trip to Fuerteventura: 7 Hot Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss

Car Trip to Fuerteventura: 7 Hot Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss

Fuerteventura is the oldest, second largest and first longest island in the Canary, and it’s also closest to the African coast. The island is famous for its amazing clean beaches available all year round, tranquility and small local population. This wild paradise with dramatic volcanic landscapes allows you to fully relax in the bosom of nature.

Fuerteventura has more than 150 beaches in total, so you will have a lot to choose from. How do you find the best ones? It’s enough to hire a car and hit the road. The car will be the best way to explore the local beaches while enjoying the breathtaking scenery from your window. So, keep reading the following hot selection…

Playa de Sotavento

Car Trip to Fuerteventura: 7 Hot Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss

Stretching for almost 30 kilometers, Playa de Sotavento is one of the longest recreation areas and just among the greatest beaches in Fuerteventura. The shore and the bottom are sandy, the entrance to the water is gentle, and there are no stones and shells. There’s no wind on the beach as it’s completely surrounded by hills. At low tide, small lagoons appear on the beach – the water in these lagoons is very warm even in winter.

As for the number of vacationers, in some places there are a lot of them, but nothing prevents you from going a little further and relaxing in complete solitude.

Playa de Cofete

Car Trip to Fuerteventura: 7 Hot Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss

This is one of the wildest and largest beaches with a minimum of urban infrastructure. Located in the north of the Jandia peninsula in the southern part of Fuerteventura, Cofete will impress you with its endless stretch of white sand, a furious ocean and a sense of complete freedom.

12 kilometers of beach, lack of paved roads and the ability to get there only by four-wheel drive vehicle can tell a lot about this beach. Fortunately, Jeep hire Fuerteventura is the solution. Such a car is the best way to get to the beach without any problems. The 8.5-kilometers-long road is composed of soil and stones and has difficult sections. But if an experienced driver is behind the steering wheel of a hire car, then it’s nothing to worry about.

Your eyes will widen from the endless mountain landscape of Jandia, Cape El Islote and the fury of the Atlantic Ocean. We advise you to be extremely careful. After passing through a small village with a restaurant, all that remains is to park your car and enjoy a long walk to the north or south.

Playa De La Concha El Cotillo

Car Trip to Fuerteventura: 7 Hot Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss

In Caleta de Fuste, situated in the eastern part of the island, you’ll see an excellent spot for a relaxing weekend under the Canary sun. El Castillo is a place commonly used as a holiday destination by the residents of Puerto del Rosario. This is a safe beach with soft light sand and calm sea sheltered by a bay – a great place for a relaxing break on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

El Castillo Beach is placed just 10 minutes’ drive from the local airport, thus you can even reach it by hire car immediately after landing. With a wide variety of amenities such as hammock and umbrella rental, parking lots, promenade with restaurants and apartments, this tourist beach is also often visited by families with children.

Playa Chica

Car Trip to Fuerteventura: 7 Hot Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss

Playa Chica is a city beach near the center of Puerto del Rosario. The beach surface is sandy, while the entrance to the water is shallow. There are many boulders on the northern and southern outskirts. Playa Chica doesn’t have any cafes and shops on the territory itself, but they are within walking distance.

The good news that you won’t find many people in this part of Puerto del Rosario – most prefer to relax in the central part. So, travelers note this beach is ideal for families with children.

Playa Morro del Jable

Car Trip to Fuerteventura: 7 Hot Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss

In the large resort of Morro Jable there’s a huge beach with white sand and a calm emerald-turquoise sea. Known as Morro Jable Beach, it stretches for 5 km near the coastal village of the same name in the southern part of the island. While walking along the boulevard that runs along this exotic beach, you can’t only visit various shops, but also admire the delightful views of the Morro Jable lighthouse against the backdrop of the sea.

The beach has lifeguards, many hammock and umbrella rental centers, beachfront restaurants and water sports such as surfing or kayaking. What could be better for a complete relaxation by the sea?

Playa de Esquinzo

Car Trip to Fuerteventura: 7 Hot Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss

Esquinzo is a unique, wild place that will appeal to surfers and all fans of peace and sun. After all, this beach is truly a sunny paradise. Esquinzo, which is located in the La Oliva municipality on the northern coast of Fuerteventura, is not the most popular among travelers – this is a rather unknown beach.

However, it stands out from all the beaches of the island. Black volcanic sand, smoothly turning into gold, natural pools and the blue of the ocean is the visiting card of Playa de Esquinzo.

La Guirra Beach

Car Trip to Fuerteventura: 7 Hot Beaches You Shouldn’t Miss

It’s another beach you can easily reach by car hire. Located near Caleta de Fuste, it has all the amenities for a comfortable rest. La Guirra is very popular with the smallest tourists because the sea is so calm all year round that they can safely splash in it all day round. The white sandy beach with the length of 700 meters will be a great place to enjoy the sun and relax.

On La Guirra beach you will find sun loungers, and sun umbrellas dug in the sand, as well as spacious parking. The promenade, surrounded by lush vegetation and decorated with antique Canarian-style stoves, surrounds the beach and joins it to the center of Caleta de Fuste full of restaurants and places for leisure.