Digital Way of Life: 7 Mobile Apps to Make Your Trip Better

Now traveling to a foreign unfamiliar country is becoming quite simple, because gadgets and special applications can show the right way. They will also tell you which route is best, provide information about places of interest, and help you book a room at a hotel.

The smartphone is an indispensable tool for road travelers – it allows you to pick up a car rental at SLC airport in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles Airport or any other point of the world.

In order to make a trip comfortable and orientation in a new country simple, there are a lot of applications that can help you. Let’s take a look at some of them…

  1. Tripomatic

The application is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. It’s perfect for self-planning a walk through a city. So, you need to mark all the places you would like to see, and the program itself creates the route that will pass through all the marked places and will be as short as possible so that the tourist is not so tired.

In addition, the application will also tell you on which sections of the route the excursion groups run so that you can join them and listen to interesting information. The route already passed can be saved and even printed to memory.


  1. AFAR Travel Guide Up

This is a service from AFAR magazine, which offers users to make lists of what needs to be done, as well as to plan their trip as clearly as possible.

In addition, the application has interesting information about most of the attractions in different cities of the world. Editors of the above-mentioned journal created such descriptions specifically for this application. It’s very convenient that the service can work autonomously from the Internet, because it’s not always possible to find Internet connection in the country to which you are going.

The application is also distributed completely free of charge and is available for iOS and Android-powered devices.


  1. Minube

The program is designed for Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone. The service’s main goal in finding travel companions for those people who clearly can’t stay at home, but don’t want to go anywhere alone. The application is used by more than half a million tourists from around the world, so finding a partner for a certain trip is not difficult, i.e. Minube can even be called a kind of social network for people with a certain interest.

The application can also upload your photos and videos from trips and share them with other users, which will be useful information for them. And if you want to go somewhere, but you can’t even imagine where exactly, it’s possible to use the function of this application to select the direction of travel.

So, you just need to enter one or several parameters, for example, the duration of the trip, distance from home, etc., and you will be given advice with a list of possible options.


  1. Gogobot

In this application, you will need to fill out a short questionnaire about yourself, where special attention is paid to the different interests of the user. It’s on the basis of these data that the program later offers you a certain route of travel through the selected city.

It selects interesting sites for you to visit, interesting places and events. So, it will advise someone in Rome to visit several museums and exhibitions, and others – night clubs or opera houses. The service works for free with Android and iOS devices.


  1. Viator Tours & Activities

The service is ready to help all those who want to save a little on their travels and take advantage of great deals on discounts, bonuses or sales. This application already has more than 500 thousand users, and it’s they who fill the service with up-to-date information about particular offers.

So, you can find out when a museum admission price is much cheaper, where sales of branded clothes take place, when promotions are held when purchasing tickets, etc.


  1. Triposo

This application collects maximum information about the sights, interesting cities and visited places in them. You can always read the reviews of other travelers about a particular place that exactly creates an objective characteristic. In addition, all the information can be downloaded in advance, so that you don’t have to look for an Internet connection on the spot, and it will be interesting to read all this data on the plane.

The application can also provide you with detailed maps of many countries and cities, as well as information about the most popular night clubs, hotels, etc.


  1. Storehouse

Each journey ends with a huge number of photos that need to be systematized. Of course, you can store them all in a separate folder and then throw them into albums in social networks, and you can create such an album in special applications.

There are a lot of similar services, but Storehouse is famous with quite stylish and convenient design. You can add up to 50 photos there at once, quickly write signatures to them, arrange them in the right order, add photos at the same time from the phone, and from Instagram, Dropbox, etc., and as a result you will have a bright and interesting photo story. Then, it can be published on the Internet, or simply stored on your computer.