Stay Beautiful: How to Look Well After a Long Flight?

Airplanes are one of the most popular ways to get from one point to another. This option has no restrictions, so you can easily reach almost any region and country. But long flights are tiring: sitting in an airplane seat for six hours or longer in a row is very difficult. Therefore, all you want after such an experience is to quickly claim your luggage, pick up a rental car and go to the hotel to take a shower and relax.

Indeed, a rental vehicle is the fastest way to get from the airport to the city. For example, if you are going to the U.S. capital, Alamo car rental at Washington Dulles Airport is ready to provide you with a car right upon landing. This is very convenient since you won’t need to look for a transfer to get to downtown, but can devote more time to yourself and your beauty. With Alamo car rental Washington Dulles Airport, you spend less time on the road to the hotel, which will positively affect your condition and appearance.

However, there are some tips on how to prepare for the flight and what to do during it to feel much better and fresher after landing. You can check them out now…

During the flight

  • Don’t drink alcohol

As you know, alcohol dehydrates, which negatively affects the condition of the skin. Also, refuse carbonated drinks, as they can cause bloating, and discomfort in the abdomen. If you are nervous during the flight, any sedative will help you relax.

  • Moisturize your skin, drink water

Don’t apply makeup on the face before departure. During a long flight, it’s impossible to maintain the perfect make-up, thus it’s better to create it before landing. But if the complete lack of makeup is not for you, then apply a neutral foundation or BB cream on your face, create expressiveness of your eyes with eyeliner and eyelash curlers, and apply a hygienic balm on your lips.

You won’t be able to save your hairstyle, so put your hair in a bun and fasten it with a soft rubber band that doesn’t leave creases. From time to time, dissolve hair to improve blood circulation to the bulbs, then again collect the curls in a bundle.

During the flight, regularly refresh your face with thermal water. Doing this is best in the toilet: you won’t interfere with the neighbors and spray your legs along the way. Moisturize your skin with cream from time to time.

Drink clean water regularly in small sips. Firstly, the pharynx helps to decompose the ears. Secondly, water saves from dry air in the cabin. Coffee and tea, invigorate, but, unfortunately, quickly remove water from the body. If it’s impossible to revive you without these drinks, don’t forget to drink clean carbonate-free water often.

  • Entertain yourself

Listen to music, read, learn a foreign language, talk with fellow travelers, in general, in every way switch your attention and have fun. So time will run unnoticed, and a feeling of fullness of the day will give you a surge of hormones of joy, which is so useful for beauty.

  • Knead the body

Every hour get up and walk around the cabin for at least five minutes. Go to the toilet, stand in line for it, even if you don’t need to go there. Think of any reason to get up and disperse the blood through the body. Sit in a chair without shoes to avoid swelling of the legs. You should be wearing compression tights or stockings.

  • Have a rest

Of course, you won’t get enough sleep, but it’s necessary and useful for your body to arrange short sleep breaks for yourself. In the first three hours of the flight, after warming up, sit on your travel pillow, put on a sleeping mask and take a short ten-minute break. Then increase your rest intervals while listening to your body. But two hours before landing, try to fully cheer up so as not to leave the plane in a completely broken state.


Before landing and after flight

  • Wash off light makeup

Rinse off your makeup two hours before landing if it was on you. For this, you should have micellar water and cotton pads in your makeup bag. After that, open the packaging of the fabric mask and spread the sheet over the entire surface of the face. Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes. Remove the mask and distribute the remainder of the substance with massage movements, having previously disinfected the hands. This will help you look a lot fresher.

  • Apply fresh makeup

Make a discreet fresh make-up: apply a foundation or BB-cream, apply mascara on your eyelashes, and cover your lips with gloss. If your hair is still bundled, so be it. You will correct your hair after landing.

If a light make-up does not suit you, then after baggage claim you will be able to get to your main cosmetic bag with shadows, powder and other means.

  • Style your hair

If your flight took more than eight hours, it will be a great idea to refresh your hair. Dry shampoo will quickly put it in order. Spray the product onto the hair roots, after five minutes, comb the hair thoroughly. After dry shampoo, the hair becomes more voluminous and looks fresh. You can fix the effect and correct the hairstyle with the help of hair spray, which is in your suitcase.

So, you look perfect again. After a five-minute rest with a cup of coffee or tea, gather your thoughts, look at yourself in the mirror, smile and confidently go towards new impressions.