WHY Fall in Love with TRAVEL GIRL? 8 Types of Girls You Can Meet While Traveling!

Girls love traveling. Whenever you go, to Thailand, Egypt, Antarctica, or even Iceland, there is always a chance to meet a girl who will share your interests and ready to travel together. Nothing can make your trip better than a beautiful co-traveler! If you want to impress the girl, you can try one of luxury cars from Thrifty car rental in Pittsburg airport. The choice is so big that you shouldn’t worry about the car rental! If you don’t like surprises and want to pick the car beforehand, you can use one of many travel apps to compare rates, hire a car, and pay online, getting the most attractive price. Of course, the car is not enough to impress the girl. You need your charm and care to rock her world. Otherwise, you can turn your romantic holidays into unexpected.

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She inspires!

Travel girls are really inspiring! She makes you dream big, build up plans, and believe that everything is possible. You will travel everywhere, have funny adventures, and motivate each other. The girl will never be upset because of a new flight, a new travel destination, a bunch of stuff here and there in the room.

She is strong!

It’s not only about her physical strength as she always carries her huge backpack. She never ask for help, and always ready to meet any difficulties. It’s about strength of her character. She will never upset because of a night in the hostel or the cheapest car. She will support you and make you feel comfortable with what you both have!

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  1. Explorer

This is a girl who is always excited about traveling. She prefers getting out of her home to quiet weekend in the house. She doesn’t like family picnics on the backyard. She prefers having a picnic in the city park or, even better, by the seaside. She believes, the world is full of possibilities and she will always try to take her chance to use any of them. Do you feel comfortable with the girl like that?

  1. Adventurer

She really likes adventures! You will never feel bored with the girl like that! She is active, enthusiastic, and always ready to solve the most difficult problems. She can be a biker, a car driver. She can cook and never be upset because of the unplanned stops or unexpected events. She’s friendly and easy going!

  1. Culture Lover

This girl is always happy to learn something new, especially while traveling. She learns how to speak a new language, how to eat and behave like locals. She goes crazy about visiting historical places, museums, monuments. Local shops and restaurants make her feel happy!



  1. Beach Lover

She must be the most beautiful creature on the beach! You can call her the beach beauty! She goes crazy about visiting SPA and pools. She prefers to go to the beach countries with beautiful beach views, palms, and yachts. Whenever you go, she will always take her swimsuit. She will make you love Thai massage, wrapping procedures, pool parties. Get ready to join her!

  1. Solo Traveler

She is very purposeful and open minded. She is brave and helpful. The girl is not afraid to be alone and meets all her life troubles bravely. 3 days of co-traveling is not enough to become her friend. Be ready to stay near and show how much you she needs you. Be patient!

Shoting the beach...


  1. Reader and Scribbler

You can find this girl everywhere, at a cozy city restaurant, in the library, at the beach cafe with her favorite laptop or smartphone. She likes writing about people she meets and things she likes. She is always with her favorite gadget to share everything she sees in the social media. Also, the girl likes reading. You can hardly find her at the hotel pool or in the restaurant party. But if you find, she will always write about this event in her diary! Just try to be her inspiration so that she will talk to you even more often than write.

  1. Party Girl

If you are a friendly person who used to spend every night in the night club, partying and dancing, the party girl is just for you. She will happily follow you to hit the bar and spend time in the night club till morning. She doesn’t like TV shows on the sofa and quiet home evenings. You can draw her attention only if you are the brightest and the most interesting character in the club!

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  1. Volunteer

It’s not about her job, it’s rather about her lifestyle. She likes traveling to help others. She knows everything about different communities, social organizations. She always does her best for helping them in different ways. The girl is ready to work the whole night without any profit to feel homeless people or feeding animals. One talk is enough to understand how much kind and cheerful person she is!

Of course, you are looking for than special girl, who will always support you in all your beginnings. She must be funny, beautiful, and special. It would be great if she knows many travel hacks, shares your opinion about night clubs, and follows you to hit the world. You can do many interesting things together! Just keep eyes open!