Family Holidays London: 5 Parks You Can Visit

Family Holidays London: 5 Parks You Can Visit

How do you imagine the perfect family vacation in London? For example, you can explore local museums and numerous cultural objects. Another idea is to hire a car at and drive to one of several beautiful city parks.

London, a modern urban city with countless austere buildings, has many natural recreational areas. The city’s charming parks are always ready to invite for lovely family walks and picnics.

Below you will find the most beautiful green spots in London, where you can have a good time with the whole family. Of course, all of them are easily reachable with your hire car.

Battersea Park

Family Holidays London: 5 Parks You Can Visit

It might come as a surprise to you that a simple city park can be diverse, mysterious and attractive at the same time. Battersea Park has just such qualities, and this makes it one of the most interesting parks in London. 

It‘s located just a few kilometers south of the Marble Arch. Getting to the park in a hire car will be much easier if you use a GPS navigator.

You can feed the ducks there, and if you’re lucky – even herons and cormorants. However, that’s not all the variety of wildlife in the park. Also, there’re record-breaking trees. Look for them as you walk around there.

Official opening hours of the Battersea Park are from 8 am till sunset.

Regent’s Park

Family Holidays London: 5 Parks You Can Visit

Regent’s Park is suitable for those who want to admire not only green alleys and flower beds, but also animals. On its territory you will find a huge zoo with over 700 species of fauna. However, the pearl of Regent’s Park is the Queen Mary Gardens with more than 30 thousand rose bushes. 

During spring flowering, it’s quite possible to lose the sense of the time, while admiring the truly royal flowers. Then you can walk to the house of St. John’s Lodge. Although the building itself is closed to the public, the ancient, mystical gardens in front of it are fully accessible to visitors.

Getting to the park in a hire car is quick and easy. Try to drive there in the morning when there are plenty of free parking spaces. The gates open at 5 am and close at 10 pm, depending on the time of year, so it’s better to check the opening hours before visiting it.

Hampstead Heath Park

Family Holidays London: 5 Parks You Can Visit

Hampstead Heath is located in the Camden area. It features picturesque groves, grassy meadows, ponds, and stands in stark contrast to the central parks with their mowed lawns and manicured flower gardens.

Being in Hampstead Heath it’s hard to believe that you are in the center of the English capital. However, this is true, and the distance from the park to Trafalgar Square is only 8 kilometers. Hampstead Heath is located on Parliament Hill overlooking the downtown.

320 hectares of forested area provide excellent conditions for relaxation. The park is full of jogging, walking and cycling paths, as well as sports and playgrounds. Also, there’s an athletic complex, an educational center and ponds for fishing and swimming. In addition to the usual small wild animals, in Hampstead Heath you will see deer and green parrots.

Bushy Park

Family Holidays London: 5 Parks You Can Visit

Bushy Park is a great place for those who want to relax to the sound of flowing water. The Upper Lodge Water Gardens is located right in its center – these are cascades and waterfalls with various vegetation and flower beds.

Bushy Park is suitable for the fans of outdoor activities and similar entertainment options. There are many sports fields, as well as hobby areas for swimming or fishing. In addition, the whole family of deer lives in Bushy Park. They are not afraid of visitors and walk freely throughout the territory. 

The best way to get to Bushy Park is by car hire. There are several parking zones, so you don’t have to worry about where to leave your vehicle. Usually, Bushy Park operates 24 hours a day, but opening hours may vary during the winter months.

Saint James Park

Family Holidays London: 5 Parks You Can Visit

A visit to Saint James Park by car hire is the right solution to get away from the noise of the city. This is perhaps the wildest park in London. It’s a home to a wide variety of fauna that live without human control.

So, on local rivers you can meet ducks, black and white swans, and even pelicans. Far from water there are well-groomed alleys with numerous monuments revealing the history of the country. Also, you’ll find even a memorial path built in honor of Princess Diana.

The most popular tourist destination in Saint James Park is the Blue Bridge. It offers a breathtaking view of almost all green zones, and overlooks the Buckingham Palace. The bridge runs across the river, so here you will see numerous waterfowl. The park gates open at 5 am and close at midnight.