Appalachian Trail and three more USA hiking trails

Hiking is a great way to know any region from a new perspective. You get to know the local nature, culture and history more closely. Some remote (and, of course, the most interesting) villages can be reached only after a long walk. This experience is beneficial for your health, as it is a great workout. Moreover, you can go hiking for the beautiful scenery. No matter the reason you choose hiking, you can hire a car at Payless Pittsburgh airport and reach the most popular routes. Here are four best trails of the USA.

  1. Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail in the United States is one of the ten most debilitating tourist routes, which not everyone dares to conquer. The path has a length of 3450 km and runs through the territory of 14 states at once. The area is given the status of a nature reserve, and the route itself is one of the main natural sights of the United States.

Tips to pass the Appalachian Trail:

  • To pass the entire route, it takes no less effort than is necessary in order to reach the top of Everest. Therefore, very good physical preparation, a serious attitude to possible difficulties and a number of skills for survival in the wild are required. Cell phones do not work here, and it is very difficult to call rescuers. You can count only on yourself and on your companions.
  • Tourists who are familiar with the features of the local climate recommend stocking up with high-quality sunscreen. Although the main part of the trail is in the shade of numerous trees, a walk in the hot season in an open area can leave solar burns on your skin.
  • It is strongly recommended that you choose a tent that will be resistant to strong gusts of wind and rain, and before you take a nap, make sure that your food is inaccessible to local “thieves” like the small bears.
  • Shoes should be as comfortable as possible. It is better to give preference to hiking boots with special insoles that will prevent rubbing your feet. In addition, do not forget about a headdress that will protect your head from the scorching sun.

Features of the route:

It is interesting that on the trail you can meet people of different age categories. Young people go on a route to test their stamina, while older travelers prefer to spend time here for the benefit of the soul. Being alone with nature, forgetting about all the problems and troubles, reading a book in the green shadow or listening to your favorite musical composition – this is perhaps the best way to overcome the middle-aged crisis.

They say that those travelers, who have traveled the entire route and returned to their starting point in the same way, notice radical changes in the perception of many things, their psyche is transformed, and they seem to open additional sources of vital energy.

  1. John Muir Trail

This 338-kilometer route runs through Yosemite National Park, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia National Park in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. The track is named after the writer and naturalist John Muir, the as the listed reserves arose largely due to the activities of this person.

  1. Oregon Desert Trail

Its distance is almost 1300 kilometers. The Oregon Desert is an exciting and very harsh area that will test your strength. The route is a mixture of short paths, historic colonist roads and paths through the wild. The Desert Trail is a truly serious challenge for the unprepared travelers. You should have rich experience and large water reserves to pass the route. Nevertheless, the amazingly beautiful landscapes make this trail very attractive and breathtaking.

  1. Continental Frontier Trail

Another incredibly long route crossing the United States. The portion in life of real hiking enthusiasts. Almost 5 thousand kilometers from Mexico to Canada is a difficult but extremely exciting journey along the Rocky Mountains of North America and such interesting places as the Red Desert in Wyoming and Grace Peak in Colorado. Every year, only 150 people attempt to overcome the Continental Frontier. The youngest of them was only 13 years old.

For many, the synonym for the word “hike” is a few hours of trekking, which is more like a pleasant walk. However, real hiking starts on the multi-day trekking trails. The longest and most impressive routes can reach several thousand kilometers. It is even hard to believe that a person is able to overcome such distances on his or her own. Nevertheless, it worth trying!