The Pros and Cons of a Long Work Commute

A longer daily commute can pose a number of unique challenges. From the increased cost of vehicle operation and maintenance to finding the ideal work-life balance, there are a number of issues that you may need to address. Failing to account for the changes and challenges associated with a longer commute could be a costly oversight.

Dealing with the Weather

Inclement weather can substantially increase drive time. Comparing commute times based only on ideal circumstances may fail to provide you with an accurate or complete picture. Issues like peak driving times, the frequency of traffic jams or the presence of seasonal storms may all need to be taken into account.

Staying Productive During the Commute

A longer commute does not always entail more down town. Phone calls and even audio books can allow you to make the most out of their drive-time while using mass-transit for your daily commute can provide you with a little extra time to tackle a wide range of work or personal projects. Finding creative ways to make the most of the commute counts for a lot.

driving through traffic

Increased Mileage on Your Vehicle

Even a small increase in your drive often means higher fuel prices and car repair costs. Having to change the oil or inspect your vehicle’s belts, hoses and tires more frequently can also be inconvenient, especially if free time is already in short supply. Access to the right professional garage or knowing where to find a good mechanic can be of major importance when it comes to dealing with a longer commute.

Managing Sleep Habits

There are only so many hours in the day. A longer commute means a longer work day and it is not uncommon for sleep habits to suffer in order to accommodate a longer commute. Lack of sleep can begin to impact your performance or even your health. Trying to cut back on sleep in order to make up the time spent on a longer commute may not end up being a viable option.

Weighing the Costs of a Longer Commute

While a longer commute can be either minor inconvenience or a major ordeal, there are certain jobs and professional opportunities that may be well worth it. Being able to weigh the pros and cons of a longer commute means being able to make a more accurate assessment of the costs involved. Learning how to make the most of your drive time and understanding what other sacrifices must be made helps to ensure that the right decision can be made.