8 Unknown Benefits of Having an Expert DUI Lawyer

Driving under the influence of alcohol is one of the common reasons for road accidents. Thus, it is considered a severe offense in New Zealand.

But what if you can defend yourself against a drunk driving charge?

Just because you were convicted of drunk does not mean that you should give up your driver’s license, pay a huge penalty, and serve jail time.

In this post, we will share with you the eight benefits of having a DUI lawyer.

They Understand the System

A lawyer is an expert when it comes to courtroom proceedings. It is his job, after all.

But more than that, they know your right as a client, the procedures that a law enforcer should do before charging you of drunk driving, as well as the law that surrounds a DUI case.

According to Daniel Schellenberg LL. B. of CrimeLawyer.co.nz, “The Police are required to follow a specific procedure when testing a driver for breath or blood alcohol. The procedure must be correctly followed to ensure your rights are not breached. If the Police have not followed the procedure correctly, this can lead to the charge being dismissed.”

They Know People

Because DUI Lawyers have handled cases over and over, there is a possibility that they know the people involved in the prosecution. This includes the judge and officer who arrested you.

Your lawyer can use his knowledge of people involved in your advantage. For example, he can have an idea of whether the officer is experienced in conducting checkpoints. If he lacks the experience, your lawyer can help reduce your charge. Even better, your license may not be revoked.

Keep in mind that your drunk driving attorney’s argument can bear more weight, which is better than when you are representing yourself in court.

They can Provide Legal Options

As Schellenberg pointed out, penalties for drunk driving vary based on different factors. This includes previous DUI charges, criminal records, or the alcohol reading.

Without a DUI lawyer, you could be left in the dark about what you can do. On the other hand, an excellent attorney can give you legal options.

He can advise whether you have a defense of the charge, as well as the likely penalty when you plead or found to be guilty. Your lawyer will work with the judge and the prosecution in order to give you a favorable result.

Just because you were charged with drunk driving does not mean you should serve jail time. In fact, you need to seek legal advice as soon as you can so you will know what your options are.  

They can Help Save You Money

Your DUI lawyer’s skills and expertise can mean all the difference in the severity of your charges. And as mentioned earlier, your attorney understands the system.

That said, he can analyze your case’s defense efficiently, which includes evidence and how he can work it out for your favor. This can result in a quicker trial and less time spent in the courtroom.

Thus, you can save a significant amount for courtroom appearances. These are money that you can use to pay for penalties.

Remember, a reputable, and experienced DUI lawyer is your key to lifting your drunk driving charges

They can Prevent Your License From Being Revoked 

A lawyer that specializes in DUI cases will go through your case in order to find evidence that you can leverage in court.

Did the police officer conduct the procedure properly before arresting you? Can he provide sufficient proximity from when he gave you a breath test?

This can help your DUI lawyer to determine whether there is a lack of standard procedure, or whether the lab results were accurate. Thus, you are less likely to be incarcerated for little or no reason.

Even if you are convicted of drunk driving, your lawyer can use the evidence to dismiss your case, reduce your sentence, and prevent your license from being revoked.  

They can Reduce Your Sentence

Getting arrested for drunk driving will not only result in a revoked driver’s license. It also means a permanent criminal record, which can affect your career.

It can even take away your dream of traveling, as some countries will not allow any tourists with a criminal record to enter their country.

Having a DUI lawyer can help you dismiss your case or reduce your sentence.

In addition, he can help determine whether you are qualified to have a special work license. Having one allows you to still drive for work purposes even while the driver’s license is suspended. Not to mention that your DUI attorney can do this for you while defending your case.

They Know How to Have a Case Thrown Out 

As mentioned earlier, your DUI lawyer will scrutinize your case for evidence that he can use in your favor. After all, he is an expert in substance law.

Therefore, he knows what evidence is admissible and what is not. This includes technical issues in evidence-gathering, illegal police interrogation practices, use of breathalyzer tests without informing you of your legal rights or any loophole in the system.

In fact, your attorney can use this evidence to refute your prosecutor’s arguments. Meanwhile, he can put forward evidence that can strengthen your case.

He can also guide you on how you can defend yourself in court, which can result in dismissal of your case. This can make a DUI lawyer well worth the hire.

They Can Help Expunge Your Record

Regardless if you have a previous DUI case or other old criminal records, expect that your DUI lawyer knows how to keep your record clean.

Your attorney can work with the judge and prosecutor so that you will have community service instead of serving jail time. He can work with a plea so that your criminal record is expunged.

Keep in mind that a DUI record can follow you anywhere. There are companies that will not hire a person with a criminal record. This can also prevent you from being promoted. Moreover, there are countries that do not allow people with a criminal record to enter their territory.

Thus, it is for your best interest to hire a DUI lawyer who can help get your case wiped off. That way, nothing can hinder you from pursuing your career goals or from traveling to other countries.


Just because you are convicted of drunk driving does not mean that you are a hopeless case. In the same vein, hiring a DUI lawyer does not necessarily mean that you are evading responsibility. However, doing so can help you continue with your life and keep your sanity intact.