How Apocalyptic Films Represent Problems in Our Society?

In many films, we see the suffering of many people. Hollywood delivers us the apocalyptic themes in many of its films with a dazzling array of visuals. From zombie epidemic to global-scale natural disaster, we are shown different ways the human civilization can end abruptly. Dr. Strangelove shows us how the nuclear apocalypse could happen and this is a real fear during the Cold War. Creatures from the outer space could also threaten our existence, which is shown by They Come From Beyond Space. Our lives are often plagued by the endless barrage of micro decisions and when we see these apocalyptic films, things that happen in our lives become really insignificant. As we undergo the mundane routine in our lives, we are craving for an entertainment that portrays a high-stake, cosmic epic. In the wake of 9/11, we see more films with apocalyptic representations. The Ground Zero is a constant reminder that a big disaster can happen suddenly in our midst.

In an apocalyptic world shown in the film, we are shown that nobody can be perfectly safe. This still applies, no matter how lucrative the career you have built and no matter how much healthy food you consume. These films show about our insecurity and in some cases, nothing is certain anymore. In reality, many of these apocalyptic films are not really about the end of human civilization. They are about massive and fundamental changes in our society due external or internal factors. However, many millions of people can be dead or transformed in the process. Armageddon and Deep Impact are about a space object that may threaten to wipe out our existence. Other films are about things that happen after the apocalypse, which is known as the post-apocalyptic genre. The Road, Mad Max, recent Terminator films, Hunger Games, I Am Legend and Walking Dead are included in this category. These films are about surviving and adjusting to the apocalyptic situation. We also see how human ingenuity allows for the small group of survivors to deal with the perils of the natural world.

In this genre, the government has been dismantled and we can no longer seek protection from it. The newly formed government is often sinister, is unhelpful and hoards resources for a small group of elites. This type of government is shown by Hunger Games and Snowpiercer. We are often shown how selfish, centralized authority is far from being helpful to people. In the end, these film ask us to focus on humanity, something that can sometimes be forgotten in a peaceful, prosperous community. People are repeatedly preoccupied with threats of mutual destruction, which can still happen today. Without proper control, technology can be dangerous and oppressive. Terminator and Planet of the Apes films show us the risk of over-reliance to technologies. The ignorance eventually caused us to be overwhelmed by a network of artificial intelligent servers and apes with enhanced intelligence. Post-apocalypse environment can be seen as both a nightmare and fantasy, but somehow they seem to be inevitable.