Say NO To Depression! Traveling Can Help!

Have you ever felt depressed? It is always important to look for a healthy alternative to antidepressants. It’s not about food, music, but rather about new interesting experience. Traveling is able to control your depression in an effective way. You feel encouraged to open new places and get everything good you have in life. So, where to go? It doesn’t matter where you are going. What matters is thinking positive and having a hassle free preparation. EZ car rental in East Providence RI or any other destination you pick gives you a chance to choose a car according to your needs and budget in the fastest way. You’ll be surprised how easy it can be to rent a car. Also, try to pay online to avoid additional taxes and fees. This is how easy and smoothly you can start your traveling! What’s next?




You may ask your friends to go traveling with you! Solo traveling is also a good variant. How can it help? Traveling makes you happier. Endorphins and oxytocin affect your mood, thoughts, and beliefs.

  1. New Situations

When you feel depressed you want to stay alone. Traveling opens you new horizons, new interesting situations. You meet new people, talk to them and have no time to think negative, focus on your problems and depressive thoughts. You can’t stay isolated! You have to communicate with people at the rental counter, in a restaurant, hotel. You make new friends and learn how to think positive. Of course, not all the situations you are in are positive! But solving them, you have to focus on the situation, not on your depressive mood and negative thoughts.

  1. Inspiration

If you need some inspiration you should go outside. Traveling makes you more educated. You learn about different people, events and finally believe that everything is possible in this world. Your inspiration makes you think positive and energized. It helps to open new ideas, change believes, and expectations. Suddenly you realize that the world is not that bad. You are free to see what you want, eat what you like, and help others. You feel strong and powerful. Your depression has disappeared.

Walking the girls


  1. New Friends

When you are depressed you prefer staying alone. This is what doctors usually call a social anxiety. You avoid people and don’t like talking to them. Instead, traveling makes you to contact to people on the slightest provocation. You are open and friendly, especially when you learn new important information about car parking, hotel rates, new worthy places to visit. And you really appreciate their help and all good things these people do for you. When traveling, you never feel confused to talk to others because you have common interests. What is more, you can meet a person to become your good friend or a life partner.

  1. Think Big

Depression is killing you and you are losing your ability to see the picture of your life in a positive manner. If the picture of your future becomes dark and gloomy, it is time to go traveling. Where to? Try to visit places that are really interesting. Try to take some rest, step back and see the picture of your life in a different wrapper. When you are far from home and put of your usual environment, you see the world with different eyes. Have you ever thought how brave and powerful you may be? Your everyday route – home-work-home- couldn’t give you an opportunity to develop many more interesting qualities. You don’t have time for depression. You have time for new ideas, new beginnings, and self-development.

Picnic do Bruno


  1. Nature

What does nature mean for you? Of course, nature is a fresh air, green plants, never ending forests, beautiful flowers, high mountains, and mysterious caves. Whatever depressed you may be, nothing can help you more than walking on the beach and having picnic with friends. Even a short hangout with friends in the nearest city park can help you to stop and smell the roses. Never underestimate the effects of nature.

When traveling through the new cities and places you become smarter, stronger, more educative and positive. You become an easy going person who always welcomes new meetings and new experience. Forget about medications! A trip to the Great Barrier Reef helps even better than antidepressants. Make a habit to spend weekend on nature. It sounds weird but friendly picnics can help you to stay in a good mood and with positive thinking. You feel renewed and refreshed. You feel younger but more experienced than before. You have much to share and talk about. And what is more, you have many friends to support you and follow like you are always on the same page. Nothing but traveling makes you feel like that!