Four Bad Food Combinations

It’s really fun to be creative and inventive. But, it doesn’t mean that you can immediately mix any food you want. Here are some of the foods that you shouldn’t combine:

  • Eggs and steak: It may be a bad idea to mix multiple sources of protein. If you want to eat meat, you should mix it with vegetables, instead of with eggs. Eating a protein-heavy meal can make you feel groggy during the day. Much of the digestion process takes place when we are asleep. So, you should start light and have heavier meals later. Our body doesn’t digest well if it’s being active physically. If we force our body to do many things at once, we may feel dizzy, due to the lack of energy.
  • Banana and milk: Banana and milk are very nutritious when you eat them separately. However, making a smoothie using banana and milk can be a bad combination. A creamy banana smoothie may be quite delicious, but it creates toxins in your body. After drinking a big glass of banana smoothie, you may feel bloating upset stomach and awful build up of gas. If you want to eat banana, you should eat it separately. A glass of chocolate milk could help to improve digestion process. Eating baked banana with some cheese added on top can also be quite risky for your digestion process.
  • Spaghetti sauce and cheese: It’s actually a very common combination. Not many people would turn down spaghetti with marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese. However, after having three portions of such dish, you may have problem getting up. That’s because some tomato variants have higher acid level and it doesn’t mix well with dairy products, like cheese. Regardless of how delicious it is, you may avoid this combination if you have sensitive stomach. Instead of using tomato-based sauce for your pasta, you should consider using sauce made from olive oil, basic and garlic, which is quite safe when combined with cheese.
  • Sandwich and fries: As a kid, many of us love to eat peanut butter sandwich, potato chips and a glass of milk. However, a carbohydrate combo could cause a sharp spike in blood sugar level. This tasty Sunday morning meal could be acceptable when you were kids, but it’s a different thing for adults. Your body will need to work harder to release more insulin to keep blood sugar level under control. If you continue doing this, the risk of diabetes will be heightened. If it’s your habit to eat sandwich for breakfast, not it’s time to turn to whole grain bread and other ingredients with complex carbohydrate. Avoid eating bread with potato whenever possible.

Choosing the best food combination should be quite easy enough. You should use common sense when choosing ingredients. It is important that you meals are well balanced. Do a little research to know about the nutritional content of each ingredient that you eat each day. Often, you discover that your meals are not well balanced and you need to add new ingredients, while removing or reducing the intake of others.