Exotic Vacation: TOP 6 Extremely Special Places To Visit In America

Modern people are not limited in their opportunities. They have a unique chance to travel around the world! Smart applications help you to make your travel process much easier. You can get cheap flights, free Internet, detailed map, sale coupons. Every exotic destination becomes closer when you are traveling with apps. But what if you don’t have enough time for traveling to Cuba or Japan? You’ll be surprised but you shouldn’t go far to have an exotic vacation. Thus, exotic car rental in Dayton Ohio will make you feel like a luxury traveler or special guest. Just pack your valise and get ready to visit amazing new places which are situated in the USA or not very far from it.

Voyage sur le port


TOP 6 Exotic Locations You Should Visit

  1. Go to Florida

America is a huge territory, full of interesting exotic locations. If you want to travel in luxury you shouldn’t even go far. Go to Florida! Yeah, this is a territory of tropic climate, warm weather, interesting summer attractions. Visit Miami and go yachting! You may rent a cool cabriolet and go to the beach with crystal water. How do you feel? You feel really special and relaxed when laying on the beach and drinking tasty cocktails. At the same time, you don’t spend much money for flights because Florida is a popular touristic destination for all Americans.

  1. Go to American Samoa

It can be a really exotic vacation! You should take a flight to Samoa, which is situated in the southern part of Pacific Ocean! Don’t worry about documents. The Eastern Island is American territory. Samoa is a port territory. The volcanic island is covered with green forests and high mountains. The view is really amazing! You may have the best beach vacation here!

Puerto Rico Vista


  1. Go to Puerto Rico

Here is another exotic place to visit where you can stay with chic and luxury. You can find Puerto Rico in the Caribbean Sea. This is not only one of the best exotic destinations but the healthiest one. The territory can boast not only warm climate and beautiful nature but rich history and well-developed infrastructure, which is important for all luxury tourists. So, if you don’t have much time to visit exotic countries far from the USA, you should come to Puerto Rico. It is a part of American territory but still interesting to explore.

  1. Go to Guam

Guam is the oldest territory in the Pacific Ocean which is more than 3000 years old! Of course, the territory is not big but you may have everything for you exotic vacation and spend little money for that. This is a popular touristic place, well known of its exotic nature and many touristic attractions. Natural views are amazing! You will love it!



  1. Go to Palmyra Atoll

This unique island in the Pacific Ocean with a small territory will impress you the most. There are no many people here but the views are beautiful. This is a kind of luxury vacation with coral reef, wild nature, and no people around. There is no any other way to get to the island than by boat or private plane. But, planning your vacation, consider that fact that you can’t find luxury hotels or restaurants here, just relaxation far from civilization.



  1. Go to Hawaii

This is another popular touristic destination. It is situated in the Pacific Ocean. Actually, this territory consists of many small islands that attract tourists very much. As you know, Hawaii is the American state but it has rich culture and interesting history. People come here to enjoy the tropical weather, green forests, beaches and waterfalls. There is nothing better than tropical fruits for breakfast and national Hawaiian dance for dinner! The infrastructure is well developed and you can’t find the rest better than here. You can find well organized beaches, high-class hotels and many colorful restaurants to try exotic dishes and relax. Visiting Hawaii is like visiting a kind of exotic world.

Now you have many interesting ideas where to spend your time in the best exotic way. All these destinations don’t take much money from you. You may choose to visit something close and simple or something really exotic. When people think of exotic vacation they usually think of wasting much money and spending many efforts to plan their trip, drawing up papers. But you often forget that there are many American places to visit where you don’t need special documents, visas, except for your flight tickets. Also, don’t forget your camera! The flora and fauna of these places are really worth memorizing. Don’t worry if you can’t find all modern conveniences you used to have in your everyday life. You are hunting for exotic, aren’t you? Anyway, you may choose something wild and exotic or modern and luxury. Is exotic car enough for you to make your vacation really unforgettable?