4 Top Essentials for Every Prepper’s Bugout Bag

Your bugout bag is going to be invaluable if a major catastrophe occurs, but you need to be sure that it contains the right supplies. A well-equipped bugout bag is going to be light, comfortable, and filled to the brim with all of the essentials that you will ever need.

Medical Gear

One of the most important components of a bugout bag is the first aid kit, and you should spend a little extra time figuring out exactly what type of medical gear you want to have with you. As a general rule, you should stick to supplies that are going to keep you alive if a major injury occurs. A basic first aid kit needs to include bandages, gauze, burn gel, a tourniquet, antibiotics, painkillers, and a topical anesthetic.

Weapons and Ammo

Choosing the correct type of weapon for your bugout bag is another important step in this process. Stashing away a small handgun that you are comfortable using is a great start, but you should consider adding a 9mm semi automatic rifle to your kit as well. That type of rifle is very easy to master, versatile in use, and it won’t have to worry about lugging around a heavy box of ammo. To save space, you might want to go with a rifle that has a collapsible stock and short barrel.

Water Filtration

There are many different water filtration systems to choose from, and all of those products have their own pros and cons. While sanitation tablets can be highly effective, filtration straws have become very popular in recent years. Those straws are incredibly light, and you can put a few of them in your bugout bag without weighing yourself down. As an added bonus, filtration straws don’t require a power source or any external tools.


Many people never even think about adding basic toiletries to their bugout bags, but those supplies are going to make your life much more pleasant if a catastrophe occurs, especially during those early transition months. Your toiletries are also going to improve your hygiene, and that will greatly reduce your risk of an unnecessary infection. At the very least, you should add some soap, wet wipes, and hand sanitizer. If you wear contacts, then you should put contact fluid and a few extra cases in there as well, though you’ll want to keep your glasses on hand for when those run out.

After you have put together your bugout bag, you need to hike with it at least a few times a year. You want to be absolutely sure that you can comfortably carry it for long periods of time without using up too much of your energy.