TOP 6 Skincare Secrets From Icelandic Women

The land of Iceland is rich in specific plants, mineral resources, and other valuable ingredients that are widely used in cosmetology. The harsh climate makes local woman take care of their skin. Have you ever heard such brands as Bioeffect, Hannes Dottir, and Skyn Iceland? They make their cosmetics of local ingredients by using hydrating and anti-age formulas. Do you want to try? So, go and pack to visit Iceland SPAs! First of all, go online and rent a car for your SPA weekend. You are not going to get to your hotel and hit the local beauty places by foot, are you?

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Why Rent Car in Iceland?

This must be the most popular question when you travel to Iceland: Should I rent a car? Actually, you can always take a bus tour and see all the local attractions that every tourist needs. This variant is acceptable when you have one–two days for your trip and want to see as much as you can. If you have some more time, you’d better to take a car. Try Geysir rental in Iceland! The have great offers! Traveling by car you are in charge of where to go and what to do. Just use in-car GPS to visit local shops, atmospheric pubs, and beauty salons. PAY ATTENYION: traveling in summer, you can rent small car. It will be enough for you! Traveling in spring, autumn, and winter, you need a large car with GPS and spiked tires.

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  1. Anti-aging therapy

This therapy is a very popular procedure in the numerous Iceland SPAs. How do they do that? As a rule, they add concentrated plant and mineral extracts to the creams and serums to slow the process of natural aging. You can find many cosmetic shops with bio cosmetics. The most effective way to minimize wrinkles, restore and moisture your skin is using the legendary face serum from Sif Cosmetics. Actually, there are many other local brands that produce their biotech cosmetics from plants and seeds extract with adding vitamins and minerals.

  1. Natural rejuvenation

What do you know about the Blue Lagoon? This is a popular geothermal SPA in Iceland everyone should visit. The place is really beautiful but locals come here not for great pictures but for their skincare. Everything your skin can wish for is some mineral-rich water to remove tiredness, have good sleep, relaxation, cope with different dermatological diseases and skin irritations. What is more, you’ll get nothing but healthy natural treatment. Your skin will look younger.

  1. Local water

Even if you don’t have time for visit the legendary Blue Lagoon, you can use any other local SPA to treat your organism with water. How? Even a morning shower gives enough energy to stay active and positive during the day. What is the secret? The hot shower has geothermal origins so that it gives you as much health and beauty as visiting one of many local SPAs.

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  1. No harmful sun

It is not a secret that photo-aging is caused by the harmful sun. Here, in Iceland, we experience so-called midnight sun almost the half of the year. It is neither strong no active. This minimal sun helps to reduce the aging effects and keep your skin young and fresh for long.

  1. Cosmetic ingredients

What makes local cosmetics so effective? Of course, it is all about all those specific ingredients it is made of. Popular cosmetic brands take their ingredients from Iceland fjords. They take wild herbs, flowers, plants, and their extracts. Everyone knows that organic ingredients are the sources of vitamins, minerals. And they are completely safe! You can use different face and body lotions, skin serums, day and night creams. Everything you apply on your skin will treat you.

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  1. Luxury aromatherapy

Speaking about natural cosmetics you shouldn’t forget about essential oils. By the way, you’ll pay much money for the luxury facial treatment with back massage. Of course, essential oils are widely used in cosmetology nowadays. Massage gives them a hint to work. What does the procedure of aromatherapy consist of? As a rule, it includes surface cleansing, deep cleansing with an essential oil scrub, and relaxing massage. Finally, you’ll be offered a cup of the aromatic herbal tea.

Try to use cosmetics every day. Whatever situation you have you shouldn’t forget about the skin care. Traveling can be a big stress for you organism. Sleepless nights, different time zones, climate changes may cause harmful effect on your skin. That’s why it is important to pack the proper skincare to protect your skin and support it. It is impossible to go for a trip without a hand and face cream, skin moisturizer, and something from nutritional cosmetics. You can take the eye gel and something else that you can’t live without. If you want, you can buy all these cosmetic products just in place where they are came from.