Slate Cement and Stonework—How to Use Concrete to Give Your Landscaping Dimension

From simple design to elegant engineering, the landscaping on either your domestic or commercial property makes a statement. Whether it is the welcoming of guests or the method of managing traffic with sensible access, slate cement and stonework provide one of the best ways to use concrete to give your landscaping dimension.

Construct Garden or Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be designed and built to help define the space around your property. Make the most of your space by supporting a higher grading of the land contained by a retaining wall that overlooks a sweeping driveway. Encircle a patio with seating walls that also provide built-in lighting features for aesthetics and safety at night. Whether you want a dry-stacked wall or an engineered and core-filled masonry retaining wall, you can create dimension and definition with purpose.

Form Equals Function

If your property is bereft of any construct or hardscape definition, you are at an advantage. You can design the space surrounding your building to suit your purposes. Take your lot from undefined gravel or dirt to well-designed and engineered concrete driveways, paths, walkways, patios or verandas. With the aid of a skilled designer, you get to decide how you want traffic to flow around your property. With slate cement and stonework, you also get to decide how you want your property to look and feel.

Improve Both Appearance and Property Value

Concreting projects that make use of quality products and skilled craftsmanship produce results that are both appealing to the eye and help to increase the overall property value. Curb appeal also helps lift the level of the surrounding area. Give a new building definition of direction with exposed aggregate concrete driveways and walkways. Renovate your investment property by creating an attractive veranda. Introduce a new look by adding a patio to an existing landscape. All of these and more can be accomplished with high-quality concrete work at competitive prices.

Make a Statement by Making it Your Own

There are so many ways to use your grounds to make a statement. You can even breathe new life into existing concrete construction by adding tasteful and unique styling to the finished results. Spray paving is a way to introduce decorative treatment to the finish on existing concrete surfaces including a logo or a monogram. Spray-on coatings are resurfacing agents that allow you to add texture and color and help you make a personal statement in your property’s presentation.

Customizing your outdoor spaces with eye-catching designs conveys a message to visitors and passersby. Landscaping appeals to those who occupy the property. Prospective buyers appreciate the care and intention that goes into creating and maintaining well-designed concrete surfaces.