Simple Health Swaps To Make This Week!

Knowing where to begin when it comes to making changes to your health can be difficult, and many people aren’t in a position to completely overhaul their routine and habits in order to make a difference. So, we’re here with simple and attainable things you can add to your routine to make yourself healthier and happier! 

Swap Your Cooking Oils

The first thing you can do to make healthier swaps this week is to swap your cooking oils! Rather than cooking with high amounts of vegetable oil, butter, sunflower oil or canola oil, try switching out to olive oil, avocado oil, rapeseed oil, ghee or coconut oil. When you are careful with how much of these oils you’re using, they can actually be healthy for you! You can get most of the healthier oil options above in spray bottles, to help you control the portions better. Not only do these oils tend to be lower in saturated fats and contain nutrients that are good for your overall health in moderation. Plus, you can’t usually taste the difference! So, make this simple swap and you’ll feel all the better for it. 

Consider Getting An Air Fryer

Another good swap you can make to help you make healthier decisions in your kitchen is to get an air fryer. This is a more expensive swap to make, however it is worthwhile! Firstly, from an energy perspective, an air fryer uses far less energy than an oven, so if you are only using one shelf in the oven, an air fryer is a more efficient alternative to use. In terms of your health, you need to use significantly less oil to get a really crispy finish, and it helps things to stay juicy when you want them to. For example, if you’re cooking chicken tenders, you’ll get such a crispy outside and the middle will be cooked to perfection! Make sure that you regularly turn your items in the air fryer to get a nice even crisp. 

Get Tooth Products With Fluoride

Something else you can do for an easy swap is to invest in some tooth products that contain fluoride. Choosing a toothpaste and mouthwash that contain fluoride helps to strengthen your enamel, so they’re more resistant to tooth decay. Some products just don’t contain fluoride, but there are plenty that do and you just need to check the list of ingredients. Naturally in daily life, foods and drinks can damage our enamel, as when we eat foods high in things like sugar, it combines with the bacteria in the mouth to produce acid which can damage the teeth. So, using products like fluoride can help to counteract some of the damaging effects. If you’re unsure exactly what to use, make sure to ask your dentist. If you’ve had cosmetic work done, asking your cosmetic dental clinic for specific advice is advised.  

Switch To Wholemeal Products

You should also switch to wholemeal products wherever possible, as they are much higher in things like fiber, vitamins, minerals and nutrients in general. It’s also easier to digest wholemeal foods as a result of the things mentioned above. You can find really great wholemeal alternatives, which many people actually prefer! Choose brown rice, brown bread (which is delicious with seeds in too and also extra healthy), brown pasta, brown couscous and whole grain wheat based cereal and you will be making health conscious choices that often taste really delicious. 

Choose Lower Calorie Snacks

Many people eat healthy meals but end up eating higher calories than you think because of snacks throughout the day. A bag of crisps here and a biscuit there might not seem a lot, but when you snack regularly the sugar and fats can add up. So, consider focusing on slightly healthier snacks to help keep you satisfied throughout the day, as a healthier choice. Things like carrot sticks with hummus, trail mix, popcorn, greek yoghurt with berries, fruits, brown bread with peanut butter and rice cakes all make good snacks. If you find yourself feeling hungry throughout the day, then choosing the higher protein options like greek yoghurt, hummus and peanut butter will be a good direction to go in! 

Have A Filling Breakfast 

Another thing that is important to keep you healthy and feeling good is to have a filling breakfast. When you do this, it helps to boost your metabolism, give your body the energy it needs and overall just help your body to function as well as possible. This is a great chance to give your body the fuel it needs for the day! We have two great breakfast options that will keep you full and give your body a great portion of nutrients.

First we have porridge. Add your porridge oats to a saucepan and then cover with milk or water. If you have it, add a tablespoon of flax seed which is full of fatty acids, once cooked top with blueberries which are high in antioxidants, then finish with a drizzle of honey for something sweet. You could also add some crushed nuts too, which are delicious and contain protein and healthy fats to keep you full. 


Another of our favourite breakfasts is scrambled egg on toast. Toast some wholemeal bread, top with your scrambled eggs, then add some kind of veggie like sauteed mushrooms or tomatoes. Sprinkle with some seeds for extra healthy fats, or even a homemade pesto or a sprinkle of feta. You get fibre from the bread, protein and healthy fats from the eggs, then healthy vitamins from the veg that you add on. 


Both of these breakfasts are really healthy for you and will keep you full, so are a great way to start your day. 


Increase Your Steps

Another thing you can do to make a healthy swap this week is to increase your steps. Moving your body is one of the healthiest things that you can do, as it helps you to maintain a healthy weight, it helps you to build muscle, reduce body fat and reduce your risk of a range of different health conditions. Not to mention, there are also great mental health benefits to exercising, whether you go on a daily walk or you’re into more extreme fitness! Either way, no matter what kind of exercise you like (we’d always recommend trying out some new types), moving your body is such a positive thing to do no matter what it looks like! Increase your steps this week or try a different form of exercise and you’ll feel the benefits for sure.