First Job With Benefits? 4 Phone Calls You Should Make

In today’s tough economic landscape, many people spend years working for companies that don’t provide benefits. Even those of us who have highly valued degrees in competitive fields can find ourselves without the benefits or insurance that previous generations of workers enjoyed.

If you’ve finally scored a job that offers benefits, you’re likely overjoyed but probably also a bit overwhelmed. To help you understand how you can make the most of these new perks, here are four phone calls you should make once you’ve landed your first job with benefits.

 A Physician

Many people without insurance don’t bother going to the doctor unless they absolutely have to due to an illness or injury. If you’re newly insured, take advantage of it by booking an appointment with a physician for a checkup. Even if you think you’re fine, regularly checking in with a primary care physician is a wonderful thing to do for your long term health.

A Dentist

Dental care if often neglected by the uninsured. If you have dental benefits, it’s time to book a cleaning. Ideally, you should be getting your teeth professionally cleaned every six months. Regular cleanings and a yearly exam. These usually count as preventative dental care.  Most dental insurance will cover this yearly checkup and two cleanings as this is the time when your dentist or hygienist can check for any issues that might need to be remedied. This is why you should ask about benefits when job searching.

An Optometrist

As we get older, our vision can often worsen. Unfortunately, wearing the wrong eyeglass or contact lens prescription can exacerbate vision deterioration. Even if you think your current prescription is fine for your eyes, visit an optometrist for a vision test to be sure.

A Personal Trainer

Many modern benefits packages offer gym discounts and personal training packages at a reduced rate. The idea behind this is twofold. First, companies know that physically fit employees are less likely to get sick and need to use their medical insurance. Second, they know that most employees won’t bother actually using the high value personal training perks, so it won’t cost them that much in the long run. Be the exception to that rule and actually make the most of your fitness and wellness perks.

Securing your first “real job” is an exciting time and a huge milestone. Take advantage of this opportunity by using your benefits to their maximum potential. Taking care of your health is a crucial part of happiness and wellness.