Do You Want to Eat Like KING When Traveling on Budget? Learn HOW!

It’s sad, but most of people don’t pay much attention to how much money they spend for food. Of course, people start planning their trip with booking flights. They do understand that they have to spend much money for transportation, accommodation, popular attractions. Don’t forget about car rental and under 25 car rental fee. Thais is what you didn’t expect but surely get if you are a young driver. There is no any legal way avoid the fee, except for become a second driver. So, this is one more money-taking item in your travel budget. Where to get spare money? People often decide to reduce food expenses to get money for attractions and other unforeseen costs. That’s really sad if you are ready to refuse from tasting local delicacies and eating healthy and fresh season products.

Don’t worry! We are here to help you! Here are easy and usable ways to eat great food without breaking your wallet




  1. Pay fair price

Before you go to a new country try to find more information about it online. It is not a problem to go online and find some general rules about the country traditions, what they eat, and what language they speak. You can find many useful advices on where to go for dinner and how to get the cheapest price for Saturday lunch. Go to the restaurant websites and learn their prices. Knowing the price for the meal, you can avoid overpaying for the same meal in this or other restaurants. If you are really limited in budget, you don’t have to overpay for food. It is better to go and find a better variant.

  1. Eat local food

Each country has its own specific food. It’s like when you go to the seaside, you should eat seafood and fish. They are fresh and cheap here. Traveling to the meat country, trying fish would be too expensive and not really healthy.

  1. Always eat breakfast!

If you used to miss your breakfasts, change your habit. If you want to eat healthy and on budget, try to eat breakfast every day. The idea to spend a little money for food makes you to eat bigger breakfast. Therefore, you’ll get more energy and power to spend during the day. And, of course, you have more time to wait for the next meal. You don’t have to stop at the restaurant every hour, wasting money for snacks.

Belizean breakfast


  1. Wait for Happy Hours

If you want to eat in a good restaurant, you can try to get the cheapest deal during the happy hours. It is dinner time! You can book a table beforehand if you have a good understanding of what you want for dinner today.

  1. Cook with your friends

Staying in the hostel, you have an opportunity to share food. Ask the roommates to cook dinner together. If you are fond of couch surfing, you can buy something for dinner and leave the rest for your host’s hospitality. There can’t be a problem if you cook well. If not, you should find a company, buy ingredients, and ask them to cook it for all. It can be funny and helpful in making new friends.

Grilling Hot Dogs and Bratwurst Sausage Family Picnic 4th of July EGR July 04, 20112


  1. Go to picnic

If the weather is good, you can go to picnic instead of visiting a restaurant. Don’t worry, you won’t break your wallet. Just buy season food. These ingredients are cheap at the season. Also, try to buy ingredients, typical for the country you are traveling through. It can also help to make your picnic cheaper. There is nothing better than sitting in the sun and eating a fresh vegetable sandwich!

Grilled Oysters with Spring Onion Salsa


  1. Buy food tour

Of course, the first word that pays your attention is BUY. Yes, you should spend some money if you like good food and traveling and want to mix them. There can be many different food tours for different prices, starting from $50-100 per person. Everything depends on what the tour includes. During the tour you are offered to visit many interesting foodie places according to the theme of your tour and taste dishes. It helps to learn food history, visit many different restaurants, take interesting pictures, and eat a lot.

If you are a budget traveler, you should think of where to eat and how much money you are ready to spend for your dining. If looking through the restaurants’ menu and prices in the local supermarkets you are not ready to buy something there, try to carry your own snacks. That means you will never be hungry. And when you are close to visit a new restaurant with high prices because of your hunger, stop and make a picnic from what you have in your bag.