Instagram feed on wix

Benefits of Instagram Feed on Wix Website

In the day and age of the internet boom. The entire planet is connected through the strings of social media platforms. One of the most widely used social media platforms is Instagram. With over 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram is a popular and marketable platform. The variety of content that is generated and garnered on this social media platform is vibrant, vivid, and highly engrossing. 

The content is in the form of pictures, videos, and newly introduced Reels. Imagine being able to add this highly engaging content to your website. Now, this is possible due to the advent of a new age and advanced social media aggregation tools. These tools enable its users to collect-curate and embed desired social media content from their preferred social media platforms. The tools also come with features of customization and moderation to beautify and enhance the look and feel of the website. The best part about using the platform is that the user does not need to have any technical expertise to access the content embedding tool. Lets us further move towards understanding the benefits of adding an Instagram widget on Wix website.


Advantages of Adding an Instagram feed on Wix Website:-

We have curated a list of points that highlight the importance and benefits of adding the Instagram feed to wix website. We sincerely hope that our readers get useful insights from the below-mentioned pointers that validate the integration of Instagram feeds onto your website.

1. Enhances the website look:

Adding beautiful and vibrant Instagram feeds onto the wix website adds to its look and feel and helps enhance it further. If the website is visually pleasing and aesthetically appealing, it tends to hold the visitor’s attention for a longer duration of time, which will eventually help to reduce the bounce rate of your webpage drastically. The content on Instagram is vivid in stories and videos, which intrigues the viewer and hooks them to the website. And this helps in enhancing the website’s look and attracting more attention on the internet.

2. Higher conversion rates:

  Being such a popular social media platform, Instagram caters to a wide range of audiences; thus, the platform’s content and creators influence and impact millions of people simultaneously and quickly. The website can leverage the social influence of its social media platform onto the website. The followers on the brand’s Instagram page can be easily lured to flow as heavy traffic on the brand’s website. The brand can put up links in the bio, caption, and stories that redirect the consumers on the platform onto the brand’s website, and the conversion rates eventually sore as high. 

3. Showcases UGC:

Nowadays, the internet’s newest sensation is gathering and showcasing UGC, which helps create trust online and acts as social proof.UGC literally stands for user-generated content. It can be in the form of pictures, videos, reviews, blogs, etc. Thus when you embed an Instagram feed on Wix website, it helps the generation of user-generated content. It boosts and enhances the brand image and reasserts its presence online.

4. Website reach widens:

Adding engrossing and engaging content from Instagram onto your website can help enhance the reach of the webpage by manifolds as the content published on Instagram has charm, excitement, and intriguing factor, which can boost the virtual footfall on your webpage.  

Your website traffic is likely to be higher, and the content will be able to cater to a larger audience.

5. Better engagement rates: 

Marketers and advertisers can take the help of social media aggregator tools to track the performance and analyze the engagement of the feed embedded on your website. Adding vivid and vibrant content from Instagram will eventually boost the engagement rates of the webpage. In simple terms, the engagement rate is the webpage’s attention-holding capacity. And as per se higher the engagement quotient, the higher will be the website traffic.


In conclusion, Instagram is a highly marketable and engaging social media platform. Also, the content generated on the platform is extremely lively and addictive. Marketers and website developers can easily embed these Instagram feeds onto their Wix websites using social media aggregator tools. This will help increase the website traffic and engagement quotient along with the look and feel of the website.