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3 Reasons to Have a Roof Inspection Before the Fall

Regular roof inspections are important to extend the life of your roof. Summer and early autumn is a great time of year for these inspections. Inspecting your roof while the weather is warm allows you to make any repairs necessary while it is still mild and ensures that your roof is in the best possible shape before severe weather hits.

There are a variety of reasons you want to inspect your roof. Even if you have had a recent roof inspection, if your area receives a damaging storm that includes large hail, flying debris or strong winds, you may want to have your roof inspected promptly.

Roof Inspections Find Small Problems Before They Become Large Problems

Most people do not see their roof very often. Often the first sign that something is wrong occurs when you notice water damage inside the home. This can be weeks or months after the problem developed.

An experienced roofing inspector will quickly notice small problems that can lead to bigger issues. Often the problem can be dealt with immediately, without requiring an additional visit. Perhaps a storm worked some shingles loose, or a pipe support is leaning into a vulnerable area. A quick fix can prevent water from ever entering the home.

Roof Inspections Pinpoint Areas That May Create Weakness

A total roof repair may not be the option you want to go with. If problems get too severe you may be required to replace the entire roof. An experienced roof inspector can tell by looking at your roof if it is holding up as it should or if areas of the roof are wearing prematurely.

Perhaps you have one spot on the roof that collects a great deal of leaf litter and debris. An experienced inspector will notice this, remove the debris and pay careful attention to the space that has been covered by the litter. The litter will trap moisture so it is important to look for signs of rot or that water has worked its way under the shingles. He may also recommend having someone clean the area frequently to help protect the roof from excess moisture.

Roof Inspections Keep You on the Good Side of Insurance and Warranty Companies

If you skip regular inspections you may find yourself in a difficult situation with your insurance company and any warranty company handling your roofing materials. Often if handled correctly, a warranty can cover roof inspections, along with other home repairs. Annual inspections, at the least, are often required to ensure coverage in the event of a leak.