How to Host a Double Date Dinner Party

When you’ve found love, it’s always nice to surround and protect that love. One of the ways you can do that is through spending time with like-minded couples. This makes a double date dinner party so enjoyable. If you’ve been lucky enough to find couples who you’d be willing to invite over for a nice dinner party, consider the following tips to make sure the evening is a hit.

Ask about dietary restrictions

Before you actually prepare the meal, find out if your friends have any allergies or dietary restrictions. If your friends are vegan, this isn’t the time to prepare your decadent macaroni and cheese. Don’t forget to make the call to find out in advance. This one mishap can potentially ruin the evening.

Create a lovely playlist

Music has a way of setting the mood and tone of the night. For a dinner party, jazz music is always a great mood-setter. Curate a Spotify playlist that can run (uninterrupted by ads) for the entire evening. Make sure it’s not too loud. You’ll want to be able to hear one another during the conversation.

Prepare a cheese and charcuterie platter

If you want to present the classiest appetizers, a cheese and charcuterie platter will do the trick. Start by picking up a few cheese options (goat, cow, and sheep cheeses are great). Cut them up into small pieces to make them easy to grab. Choose cured meats like prosciutto and soppressata. Make sure the meats are finely sliced. Once you’ve rolled them, place them on the platter. Add a small bowl of olives, a few sliced vegetable options, and a french baguette loaf (sliced). It’s also good to add fabulous condiments like fruit-infused honey, hummus and a sun-dried tomato dipping sauce.

Provide an array of drink options

If you have guests who don’t drink alcohol, provide non-alcoholic options like a delicious virgin Moscow mule or sparkling apple cider. It’s also considerate to keep bottled water and sparkling water on hand. If your guests are avoiding sugar, some sparkling water on ice with a few lemon slices will be incredibly refreshing.

If you’re going to try new recipes, practice them before the party. If they turn out well, you’ll know to incorporate them in the future. If you’re not the best chef, it’s okay to purchase entreés from local restaurants to fill in the gaps. Put the food in lovely serving trays. No one will know the difference. As long as the ambiance is lovely and you all have fun, that’s what matters most. Don’t stress yourself. After all, it’s all about having a great time.