How College Can Benefit Your Military Career

Many young adults join the military immediately after graduating from high school. If you are an enlisted military professional, you may be wondering what your next professional steps are. A military career offers stability, exceptional opportunities for advancement and numerous other benefits. If you are thinking about a military career, attending an online university while you serve your country is an excellent idea. A college degree can help your military career in these important ways.

Ability to Become an Officer

Most military officers in all branches have a college degree. In fact, they usually hold a bachelor’s degree or even a higher-level degree. When you work toward a degree through an online university while serving your country, you can gain professional expertise and experience while also improving your educational credentials.

Improved Qualifications for Promotions

Whether you attend an online university to earn a bachelor’s degree or a higher-level degree, you are improving your educational background and building essential credentials to climb the military career ladder. Your ability to qualify for promotions in the military is based on your experience as well as your educational background and several other factors. Without a degree, you may have a much lower ceiling in terms of how far you can advance in your career. Many doors will never open for you if you do not have a college degree in a related field.

Expertise in Your Field

Regardless of your specialization in the military, a related degree will improve your expertise. This expertise enables you to serve your country to your fullest potential and to excel in your position. With this expertise, you may have improved confidence and may even take on leadership or advisory roles in various capacities. You may also be able to specialize in a niche that was previously unavailable to you.

Higher Income Potential

With your college degree from an online university, you open up incredible opportunities that you may be aspiring to reach. More than that, you may benefit from career advancement at a faster rate in some cases. As a result, you may see your income from a military career increase more rapidly. You may also have higher income potential overall.

If you are serious about a military career, pursuing a college degree is beneficial. Remember that your college degree can help you to locate civilian jobs if you decide to leave the military in the future.


Addy Reeds is a freelance writer from Eugene, Oregon. She discovered her passion for journalism while attending the University of Oregon. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook: @addyreeds1;