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Enhance The Beauty Of Your House By Installing Saltillo Mexican Tiles!

Saltillo Mexican Tiles:

If you are wondering which tile to install in your living room to enhance its beauty then Saltillo tile is the best answer? It is undoubtedly stunning terra cotta tile made in Mexico. These tiles are made of clay which gives it an unglazed, gorgeous and natural look. They are available in every earthen color, shade, and texture imaginable in the market and are extremely cost effective.

Each tile is handmade and painted. These tiles not only increase the beauty of your house but also increase its resale value.

Read on to find about numerous benefits of installing Mexican tiles in your home.

1- Easy Maintenance

Saltillo tiles have a natural earthy tone that tends to disguise dirt and sand on it. By installing them you won’t have to regularly mop or sweep your floor to maintain its beauty.  These tiles are much denser than other tiles and thus doesn’t allow dirt, suet, sand or any liquid to penetrate through it. They become even more resistant to water damage and stain when they are sealed properly. Moreover, these Mexican tiles are scratch free and are not as prone to bacterial infestation as other tiles.

2- Environmental Friendly

Saltillo tiles are environmentally friendly. It is made from clay which is harvested in Northern Mexico. When the clay is given the shape of tiles, they are dried in sun and then fired in caves thus making the product Eco and environmental friendly. Additionally, there is no need to seal Saltillo tiles but if you prefer a glossy look then you can seal it.  Saltillo tiles age beautifully and can last for years and years

3- Long Lasting

Saltillo tiles are long lasting when compared to linoleum tiles, glass tiles, and carpet and wood floors. They do not break or chip easily and can bear heavy footfall. If you are considering tile installation in your home, then go for Saltillo tiles installation.

4- Allergies

These floor tiles are best for people who are prone to allergies and respiratory problems. The best thing about this tile is it does not trap dust, dirt and pet dander when compared to carpet or other tiles.

5- Customization

These tiles can be easily customized as they are made of clay. You can get them customized according to your choice by getting it colored, anointed, stamped, and textured with footprints of animals or children.

6- Variety

Saltillo tiles come in a variety of colors, depending on the positioning of the tile in the cave. You can choose from the wide variety of earthen shades from light browns, tan, ochre, umber, and Sienna.

7- Reseal

These tiles can be easily resealed in order to restore its original shine. It is advised to reseal it after every year. Also, resealing is optional and must be done only areas with high traffic.

8- Cool In Summers

These tiles are best for houses in a warm region as they tend to keep your home cool.

Final Word:

Saltillo tiles are not only cost effective but require low maintenance. These tiles can last for decades without getting chipped or worn out.